Monsieur Hulot's Paris Home from Mon Oncle

I had been looking at a bunch of pop illustration from the 50s, images that embraced the new age of modernity and convenience and welcomed the World of Tomorrow. I was feeling inspired by the clean lines, simple shapes, and flat color and I knew I wanted to express that by drawing a house. Of course, I intended to draw a modern house, but when I was combing Google for references, I came across this image from the film, Mon Oncle. The film itself is a commentary on modernity, and this storied old Parisian building stands in stark contrast to the newly contrived suburban home of the antagonists.  

Although this house isn't what I set out to draw, I was immediately drawn in. All the elements were there, clean lines, simple shapes and...well maybe the color wasn't exactly flat but I could see how it would work.

Here's my process:

This was a lot of fun. I really enjoyed expressing the detail through minimal shapes and rendering the home in the very style it was intended to parody.

Here's the final piece. Scroll down for details!